How long is the service?
Some church services are too long, some church services are too short and some church services are Just Right. Our goal is to be Just Right. As a Presence-Driven Church, we believe it is the Presence of GOD that makes it Just Right. Although we plan to be through at NOON on Sunday, we leave the final say to GOD as the HOLY SPIRIT moves upon us. It is not unusual to release guests at NOON and allow GOD to continue to move (overtime) in Special Times of Prayer & Celebration.

What should I wear?
Although we request that clothing be worn at all times, we encourage you to dress in what makes you comfortable and is pleasing to GOD. You will see a wide spectrum from jeans/t-shirts to business-casual to suits (sometimes ties). NO DRESS CODE HERE.

We believe that Worship is our human response to the PRESENCE of GOD. This response will be as different and unique as those who Worship. We believe that heartfelt-worship will take many forms of expression. Singing, clapping hands, lifting hands, standing, kneeling, sitting, shouting, crying and even laughing are ways that people often respond to HIS Presence. We also realize that the songs that we love to sing are as varied as the congregation. Accordingly, we will have a blend of Classic Hymns & Anthems, Contemporary Worship, Camp Meeting, Jewish and even Black Gospel (for Pastor). We endeavor to make Worship something for everyone and encourage each individual to Worship in the way they are most comfortable.

Prayer is a vital part of church life at Grace Chapel. WE BELIEVE IN PRAYER & THE ALTAR ! ! Whether praying for the specific needs of individuals or praying in response to the WORD of GOD, we want you to know, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO PRAY ALONE @ GRACE CHAPEL ! ! We believe in the “Prayer of Agreement” and “Laying on of Hands”. Not comfortable with people praying for/with you? Simply kneel at the altar and you will be left alone with GOD. Stand and others will join you in support of your need.

More Questions ?
Feel free to contact the church office with any other questions/concerns. Got Questions ? GOD is the Answer !!



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