We endeavor to provide the highest quality of ministry for our children. At Grace Chapel, we believe that children are a vital part of the church today! Through the use of role-play, crafts, puppets, music, and visuals, we establish values that last a lifetime. Our goal is to anchor our children in Jesus so that they can avoid pitfalls later in life. In addition to regular meetings, special activities are provided to enhance the overall growth of children.

We are a church in “growth” mode and therefore will continually be adjusting our ministries and schedules to better impact lives. Below are our current offerings for Elementary Children:

KIDZ KLUB - Sunday (grades 1-5)

Following WORSHIP for All Ages our Kidz are dismissed for a Kidz Klub Remix.  During this time there will be personal attention to reinforce the Lessons from Kidz Klub-Wednesday.   Bible reading and memorization and are a  major focus for this special class.   Kidz are encouraged to bring their own bible and are given the opportunity to learn how to use it.

KIDZ KLUB - Wednesday (grades 1-5)

JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz) (grades 1 – 5)

Meeting on Sunday Mornings @ 9 AM this special TEAM learns the answer to Biblical Questions and Quotes. Our WORD WARRIORS compete in a league against other churches from September through March each year. Individual honors and team honors are awarded at the conclusion of each meet. Our team practices year round to insure our optimum performance but more importantly to insure the WORD of GOD is planted deep into the lives of each Team Member.  


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