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GOD's Grace Really is Amazing

I have read the Book of Revelation on many occassions.    As I have studied for our current
"END TIMES" sermon series I have been amazed at the things I have never saw before.
Sure, I still see all the judgements and wraths that are poured out upon mankind for their
rebellion and idolatry.  But this time I see the GRACE of GOD unlike I have ever seen it before.
GOD has went overboard to give man another chance (again and again).  From the moment the
rapture takes place GOD makes an attempt to reach those who have been left.  HE seals 144,000
witnesses to carry the news of the availability of GOD's Grace.  That's cool. 
But Wait There's More ! !
At the beginning of Tribulation he sends Two Witnesses to declare that people can still repent.
HE even gives them a platform for the whole world to see the Power of GOD as they are killed,
resurrected and finally raptured.   Talk about GOD's extending HIS Grace. 
But Wait There's More!!!
I have seen it for the first time (must have been added into this translation?).   GOD is so
concerned about man missing Heaven that he even sends an Angel to preach the
"everlasting gospel" and if that is not enough,  HE sends another angel to warn
mankind not to take the Mark of the beast.   WOW ! ! !   What GRACE ! ! !
It really is Amazing ! ! !


It was last Sunday just in case you missed it.  Across our nations many preachers declared from their pulpit their right to
freedom of speech concerning politcal matters.   From all accounts, PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY was a success.
I am wondering about the impact of preachers preaching to the choir.   I think everyone knows how I stand and who I
am gonna vote for without me declaring it.  In case you don't, I am gonna vote for MITT ROMNEY.   Not because
he is a republican or I think that he will be better for the economy.  No one knows for sure.   I am not voting for Romney
because I agree with his religious point of view,  I DON'T!!!.    My vote will be cast on the following basis,  BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES.

I am voting for the UNBORN CHILD - Romney is against abortion.
I am voting for Religious Freedom - Romney is for that.
I am voting for Biblical Marriage - Romney will not support Gay Marriage
I am voting for the next Supreme Court Justice - There could be from 1 - 4 Justices appointed in the next 4 years
                                        I want Romney to make that choice.

I think the REAL Impact will not be me telling my church who I am gonna vote for but the real impact will be when YOU tell
people who you are voting for and why.   We have had PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY.   I think it will be most effective when
we have CHRISTIANS FREEDOM DAY, everyday, as GOD's people declare Biblical Values outside the church walls.
Will you excercise your Freedom and make a difference in our country?   We will know for sure on November 6th.


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