Sermon Series Titles

Mike Davis

Title Description
"A Season of Breakthrough"
"the Secret to Success!!"
Bootcamp 4 Believers
END TIMES: Are We There Yet Pastor Mike provides insight into the END TIMES.   Are we there yet?
What has to happen?   What is Next?
During this study Pastor Mike will answer these questions and many more.
Grow Up
HOLY SPIRIT - the sermon series -
Identity Crises!! This new series informs us of who we are in Jesus Christ.  Each Christian has a unique significance, a dynamic gift, a special calling, a God-given destiny and unlimited potential but few walk in that destiny, few understand how valuable they are because satan has worked on them and made them feel they are failures.  Come and learn about the authority we have as God's children and how we can walk in God's power!
Individual Sermon
Left Behind - the Sermon Series
Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!!
Line Up

Pastor Mike teaches how to live an Overcoming Life by taking control of our Thought Life.   This series will include teaching on the Mind of CHRIST,  pulling down Strongholds and practical teaching on How toTake Thoughts Captive.  This will be a Life Changing Series.

POWER of PRAYER Pastor Mike teaches simple Basics of Prayer.
Power!! Join Pastor Mike for a series on how to live as an overcoming Christian!!
Pursuing HIS Glory Pastor Mike leads us in a Journey to Experience the Glory of GOD!!
Join us on the Journey as we define HIS Glory, the steps to HIS Glory and
finally how to Experience HIS Glory.
Take the Mantle & Run
The Journey to the Double-Portion
The Secret Place
What the Bible Tells Me!

Spiritual Help